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Soaking Wey Nappy!

ADDED: 21/09/17


This is the last in this series, as Jessica squeezes out all the pee and water from her double layers of cloth nappies and them slides of her thick plastic popper pants... Great finish to this wet sodden nappy set!

Time For A Change!

ADDED: 11/09/17


Jessica is putting Akemi in to a soft white terry nappy! Watch as she folds the nappy and pins it to her nice and snug. Then its time for some clear plastic pants! Akemi loves the soft smooth feeling of plastic pants and rubs then against her face first before Jessica pulls them on...

Blue Bed Orgasm.

ADDED: 01/09/17


Having taken off her terry nappy and plastic pants, Sasha plays with her gapping wet pussy as she rubs the nappy and plastic all over her face and body! Bringing herself to an orgasm right there on the soft plastic bed... What a finish to this series...

Potty Pee!

ADDED: 22/08/17


After having had her bottom spanked for wetting herself and then being changed in to a new soft white disposable nappy, baby Sasha is left alone in the nursery with strict instructions that if she needs a pee she must do it in the potty! However the naughty girl wets her disposable instead... Nanny will NOT be amused!

School Girl Piss!

ADDED: 12/08/17


Having filled her plastic pants full of pee, Akemi now plays with the sagging warm wet puddle that hangs heavy in her pants as Jessica goes a step further and pulls the plastic up the crack of her ass and the pee spills everywhere and won her legs!!! These two Plastic Schoolgirls certainly love their plastic pee games outdoors...

Plastic Pee and Pussy

ADDED: 02/08/17


Finishing up this series, Michelle and Lolly take in turns to lick each others pussy now they are out of their Plastic Rumba Pants and disposable diapers... But then Lolly needs a pee so Michelle pops a disposable back on her and pull up the Plastic Pants so Lolly can fill them! Great finish of REAL peeing action!

Plastic Rumba Change!

ADDED: 23/07/17


Lolly is pulling of Michelle's plastic rumba panties and nappy as baby Michelle wants to feel just the plastic on her pussy and not the nappy! So Lolly pulls them back on to her naked playmate as they play around on the huge 4 poster bed ...

Whos a Clean Baby Then.

ADDED: 13/07/17


Nanny Vanessa is really making sure that baby Sasha is clean from top to bottom as she gets her soapy sponge between her cute baby's legs in the bath... Once done its time to get Sasha out and dry ready for her fresh nappy and plastic pants!

Terry Twins Facesitting!

ADDED: 03/07/17


Taking in turns to face-sit each other in their heavy soaked terry cloth nappies and Plastic Pants while lying on the plastic bed!!! Putting their hands inside each others wet nappies is really turning these two on as they bring this session to a climax...

Time For Your Nappy!

ADDED: 23/06/17


Nanny is dressed head to toe in her plastic nanny outfit and Apron ready for Sasha to arrive in the plastic boudoir... Sasha arrives in her street clothes which Nanny quickly gets her out of as she needs to regress her cute teen baby ready for her nappy and plastic pants!

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